All work is to contain a significant quantity of your own handwork to be considered an artisan craft and NOT produced by another source for resale. Committee will be present at setup to review the quality of work displayed compared to photographs submitted. Those violating policy or displaying substandard work will be asked to leave with no refund granted.

Previous show participation does not guarantee acceptance. Crafts are judged only on photographs provided.

Crafters will be asked to submit four (4) current photos of your crafts, one (1) of your typical booth setup and one (1) of your production process/studio. Photos must be of work no more than two years old. Only crafts at or above quality shown in photos may be displayed at the craft show. Photos from selected crafters will be returned at the show after committee review.

A limited number of vendor slots will be made available in a separate area of the park.

Exhibitors must supply their own set-up (tent, tables, chairs, etc.) Tables, tents and chairs are NOT available for rental at the event.  Setup begins at 6am on Saturday.  Artist must remain setup until 4pm Sunday or until notified by committee members that early takedown is allowed in the case of severe weather conditions.  Takedown must be complete by 6pm Sunday.

Private security will be provided Saturday night to Sunday morning.