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May 2016

DG Handmade Presents: Mandy Park

When Mandy Park, potter, is creating she likes to think about how that specific piece can be used in someone’s everyday life and how can she can make it uniquely beautiful.  Pottery has inspired Mandy to fulfill her desires of making innovative functional ware with a modern perspective.  Please join Mandy at the DG Handmade Market as she shares her simplistic elegance with others for practical use in their everyday lives.


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DG Handmade Presents: Nefertem Naturals

As Owner & Artisan of Nefertem Naturals, Brittany Hogan wants to bring the Power of Nature into daily routine.  Her skincare products are made from the best cow fat on earth … grass fed!


Brittany’s grass fed tallow soaps, body butters and balms are nothing like you’ve ever tried before. The tallow is hand-rendered (it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it) and triple-purified to ensure clarity; never bleached, deodorized or refined. Her products are then blended with organic essential oils and organic vegetable oils to produce a powerhouse of essential nutrients to feed and hydrate your skin properly. Continue reading “DG Handmade Presents: Nefertem Naturals”

DG Handmade Presents: ArtZings

After spending many years in corporate America, Michelle Robinson created ArtZings out of love of letters and photography. Nine years later there’s a distinct transition to another love, creating fun art that’s relevant to people and their homes. Loving the challenge to incorporate the love of the art and the merchandising that always pleases the eye, the fun is back! ArtZings3

Initially, with her travel background, Michelle found a way to utilize all of the pictures she had taken and incorporated them into personalized art. Continue reading “DG Handmade Presents: ArtZings”

DG Handmade Presents: Wired on Waverly (WOW)

Sandy Squillo is a 30-year resident of Waverly Avenue in Clarendon Hills who recently discovered a new passion … manipulating wire.   She has named her new venture WOW – Wired on Waverly and hopes that you will enjoy her one-of-a-kind WOW designs!

Wired on Waverly by Sandy Squillo
Wired on Waverly by Sandy Squillo

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